Personal Training is Expensive...

FACT: Injuries, accidents and poor movement patterns are more expensive

While not all injuries and accidents can be prevented, having a set of eyes completely focused on your form to pick out flaws to improve on can be extremely helpful in avoiding injuries, accidents and poor movements patterns. This can have long lasting effects physically and financially beyond the gym floor and can inhibit your ability to enjoy life. Avoiding these are three gym enemies is a worthy investment. 


I don't have time...

FACT: You actually only need 4 hours of exercise each week to gain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy its benefits

A trainer can actually save you time with a well written customized plan you can maximize your workout time in just 4 hours a week. A trainer at Definitions can set up a simple and easy to follow workout plan and find ways to help you better structure your schedule. 


Trainers just yell at you...

FACT: Trainers are in the business because they are inspired to help people on some level

Trainers at Definitions want to help you reach your goals. Just like it's priceless to have a second set of eyes on your form when lifting, it's equally valuable to have that resource in your corner when you don't think you have another round in you or when you need to ask questions to clarify a movement.