We aim to make each MRT Class a fun and personalized interval training experience that alternates periods of short-intense weight and cardio work with less-intense recovery periods. Research studies verify interval training burns more calories and fat than other workouts and will keep burning fat for 24 to 48 hours after you stop exercising.

I found MRT on classpass and have since dropped classpass and now only workout here. MRT is the best interval class I’ve been to..and that says a lot because I’m a gym rat and have tried it all! It’s a perfect mix of cardio and weights, and they switch up the exercises so it truly never get’s stale. It also helps that Earl & DeShay are awesome teachers - they make sure you have good technique, cheer you on, and play great music. They have a fun rewards system that gives you points every time you attend class..you can exchange those points for gift certificates to local businesses and private training/classes.
— Liz R., Yelp