SkiErg’s in MRT Class—Go For Gold!


Yes, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are now officially in the history books. But, you can still go for gold right here in MRT Class with our new SkiErgs. The SkiErg is an upright machine that mimics skiing. With the SkiErg, you get the benefits of actually skiing without snow, falling or having 5 year-old skiers show you up on the slopes. 


While the SkiErg engages most major muscle groups in your entire body, it is unique in that it is upper-body dominant. The SkiErg is a joint friendly, impact free exercise that is a great complement to our MRT Class. You control your own intensity on the SkiErg. The harder you pull the cable, the more resistance you get from the flywheel. And, of course, you burn major calories in a short amount of time on the SkiErg--right in fashion with the rest of our 50-minute MRT Class. 


Will you see Lindsey Vonn in MRT Class? Probably not. But we will always strive to be the first and best in delivering effective workouts to help you…TRAIN HARDER and BURN SMARTER. Book a class and give the SkiErg’s a try today.