3 Benefits of Agility Training You May Not Have Considered


Agility is how effectively and efficiently you can move, change direction and the position of your body while maintaining control. In our private training sessions and in MRT Classes here at Definitions, ladder, cone and dot drills aren’t just for the young and athletic.  Incorporating agility training into our workouts improves how we move day-to-day regardless of age or skill level. It’s clear that agility training improves balance, coordination, reaction time, speed and strength.  But, to help you get better results, improved recovery time and prevent injury, agility exercises are absolutely always in our train smarter tool kit.


1. Increased Results in Minimal Time

Often agility training drills are also HIIT--High Intensity Interval Training--exercises, which can produce significant results in minimal time. Varying movement direction in an agility ladder or moving in a zigzag pattern between agility cones, engage a greater number of muscles than if you were just running in a straight line. Engaging more muscles translates into greater results—increased quickness, strength, speed, power and afterburn (more calories from burned from fat after your workout).


2. Improved Recovery Time

We know muscle soreness and decreased energy levels can be a beast on the days following HIIT.  However, the quick movements and change of direction in agility training, when practiced over time, helps build strength in the musculoskeletal system, which can result in shortened recovery time.

3. Injury Prevention

Many injuries happen because of repetitive movement patterns and when your body is out of alignment while moving.  Agility training is not highly repetitive by nature.  Since balance, control, flexibility are all improved with agility training, easily injured areas like shoulders, low back and knees can be protected while moving.

Bob and weave boxing drill, icky shuffle in the ladder and alternating side ball tosses on our slam wall (low impact and high intensity) are just a few agility exercises that make appearances in our MRT Classes.  Agility training is great way to add exercise variety that’s effective and just plain fun!