Launch of 30 Day Nutrition Coaching Program


The best way to reach your fitness goals is to compliment your workout with good nutrition. Definitions' new 30 Day Nutrition Coaching Program will give you all the nutrition education tools you need to get lean and be healthy in 2017. The program begins Wednesday, February 15th. 

Our 30 Days of Nutrition Coaching is different. Our program is not a diet, temporary gimmick or forced plan where we tell you exactly what to eat. This is a fitness and nutrition program where we help you see what foods work best for you and your training now. The 30 Days of Nutrition Coaching Program is designed so it can be done again as your needs and fitness level change. Developing good food and exercise habits are an investment in continued enjoyment of physical activity a good quality of life into our later years.

Last year, our Nutrition Program participants lost an average of 10 pounds when participating for just 3 weeks. We’ve improved the recipes and extended the Nutrition Coaching Program to 30 days. For best results we recommend doing 3-4 MRT classes per week along with our 30 Days of Nutrition Coaching Program.  

We hope you join us for the ideal combo of the Best Classes to TRAINHARDER and Sound Nutrition to BURNSMARTER.