MRT CLIMB is Here!

The Best Interval Class to Burn Just Got Better


We’re proud to introduce MRT CLIMB as the first interval class in DC with vertical climbing. Our signature MRT Class has always fused resistance and cardio training with the water rower as the star cardio equipment piece over the past year. But, MRT CLIMB class now adds high-intensity intervals on the Steel Climbers. And yes, both classes are now on the schedule. 


Why are the climbers so great?

Vertical climbing motion mimics natural human motion. It's like climbing a ladder and helps improves coordination. The no-impact movements are joint friendly and carry little risk of injury. The cardiovascular benefit gained by doing sprints on the climber transfers to improved performance in other areas including running, swimming or rowing. The climbers allow for unlimited sprint capabilities, unlike the treadmill or other cardio equipment that have a max speed. So, the only limit to achieving maximum speed and fat loss is how hard you push. Anyone from first-timers, to seasoned MRT Class vets, to competitive athletes can use the climber.


MRT CLIMB is the next evolution of DC's Best Interval Class to Burn Fat. Train Harder. Burn Smarter. We hope to see you in class!