Keys to Sticking to Your Exercise Plan

Perhaps travel, summer fun and vacation contributed to you straying a bit from your workout routine over the past few weeks. No worries. Here a few keys to sticking to your exercise plan as we move into Fall.


According to a study conducted at the University of Florida, 114 men and women were divided into three groups: one where the type of exercise varied between workouts, another where members were required to perform the same exercise at each workout and a third with no set schedule or regulations. The participants in the first two groups were asked to exercise three times a week for eight weeks and given specific exercise guidelines. The participants in the third group were given no instructions.

Participants in the first group enjoyed their workout sessions 20 percent more than the members of the second group and 45 percent more than members of the third group. The members of the first group were 15 percent more likely than the second group and 63 percent more likely than the third group to adhere to exercise on a regular basis.


Research shows us that structure and variety contributed to the adherence of the first group. MRT and MRT CLIMB are now on the schedule and we’ve done all of the planning for you. We structure our classes to have an effective blend of weight and cardio intervals. The vertical climbers add even more variety. We look forward to seeing you in class.