Early Bird Gets The…Burn

3 Benefits of Early Morning Workouts

Have you tried an early am workout at Definitions? We’d love to see higher attendance in our early 6 and 7 AM training sessions and MRT Classes. Have to get to the office? No problem. We provide fully equipped locker rooms--showers, towels, blow dryers, soap, shampoo, conditioner. We have everything you need to put yourself together after training and head off to work. If you’re still not a fan of exercising before your workday begins, read on to learn more about the 3 Benefits of Early Morning Workouts.

1. Suppress Food Cravings, Increase Activity And Burn More Fat

A 2012 Brigham Young University study found that after a 45-minute morning workout, participants had a lower brain response to the images of food. Furthermore, participants also increased their physical activity more throughout the day. Another study shows that exercising before breakfast on an empty stomach helps dieters achieve better weight loss results. This happens because the body burns a greater percentage of fat for energy during exercise rather than depending on carbs from food.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure And Improves Sleep

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tracked blood pressure levels and sleep patterns of participants at different times of day. The researchers found that all of the participants who exercised at 7 a.m. experienced the most benefit—

about a 10 percent reduction in blood pressure that carried through the remainder of the day. They also had about a 25 percent dip in blood pressure at night, slept longer and had more beneficial sleep cycles than when they exercised at other times of the day. These early birds not only increased their cardiovascular health, but also decreased their stress and anxiety thanks to a good night’s sleep. Basically, the more deep sleep the body gets, the more time the body has to recuperate.

3.  More Consistent

Research from the American Council on Exercise has shown that people who exercise soon after waking tend to both be more consistent and exercise more often than those who work out at other times of the day. How many times have you planned on working out after work and you have to stay later or you get too tired and just go home? Getting your workout in before work means fewer scheduling conflicts.   

So, hopefully you’re a newly converted early bird and ready to catch burn in one of our Training Sessions or MRT Classes.