Your Fitness Relationship Status

Maintaining a healthy fitness relationship is everything. We offer personal training, interval classes and nutrition coaching. At every level we take a uniquely personal approach to provide the necessary support and services our clients deserve. 

This month we are celebrating our one year anniversary of launching MRT classes! In this short time we’ve become one the highest rated classes in the District and recommended as one of the top high intensity classes nationwide by ClassPass. We’ve greeted hundreds of new people and introduced them to the “Best Interval Class to Burn Fat”. A typical MRT class participant is brilliant! Honestly, I tell you this — we have the smartest clients. We’ve continually listened and learned from valuable reviews and feedback. We’ve added more classes, increased the variety and format of our exercises, and personalize every class to help clients who may have injuries or special needs safely get the most out of class.

We launched a new fitness-nutrition series— 21-Day Definitions Nutrition Challenge to further educate and support our clients to eat better in order to further solidify lasting results. At $69 this program is designed to provide all the resources needed to implementing a sound nutrition regiment for optimal health. Pretty much everything we’re about. 

At Definitions we are dedicated to your success. By employing our services, you will have the professional support to reach your health and fitness goals. We are a tight-knit community where you are welcomed on each visit. Our MRT Classes are even better when you work out with a friend and where you’re certain to make more.