Music Makes the Class

Here at Definitions we take our music very seriously and we’ve heard back from many of you that you love the music we curate for our MRT Classes. Throughout the day at Definitions we rotate roughly thirty custom Pandora stations, but when it's MRT-time we make the switch to on-demand music streaming king, Spotify. Definitions on Spotify.  

DeShay’s favorite artists at the moment are R&B and Pop heavyweights Beyonce and Usher, and the legendary female rapper, Missy Elliot. A class long playlist could easily devoted to each of these giants. DeShay has a talent for choosing a “song to match an exercise” like Beyonce’s infamous “Get Me Bodied”— which may queue during squats instructing you to properly “drop down low and hit the floor with it.” DeShay’s playlist often cross many genres and decades. In a single class you’ll hear the latest electronic dance anthem, a reggaeton/soca jam, an alternative rock banger, an early 2000’s thumping hip-hop hit, and a funky 70’s classic. MRT classes are challenging, “the music is to help motivate, inspire and make you have fun.” DeShay often picks up songs from tv shows, movie soundtracks or from Wizards games. With all the variety there is one constant, “an R&B ballad as the cool down.”   

Earl’s favorite artist at the moment is Chris Brown, because of his “wide variety of song styles.” Earl’s playlist usually have a few hidden remix gems that you’ve probably never heard before. Though his classes often have a distinct feel and theme — a few well-placed, often old school outliers are sure to be included. His process of building out a playlist usually takes about four days. Human intelligence is a natural part of keeping up good customer relations which extends into music selection. Dependent upon the demographics registered for a class, last minute song substitutions or playlist selections are often made. You may also notice in class that there’s a sophisticated software application (that shall go unnamed for competitive purposes) is used to mix. The general purpose is to “simulate the energy of a club and distract from the discomfort of HIIT.” 

Connect with us on Spotify we’re always interested to know what you’re listening to. What are some of your favorite workout jams right now? Let us know in the comments section below. Maybe it will be featured in the next class you take.