Uniquely Different Class Format

MRT and MRT CLIMB Classes are now both on our schedule. We are thrilled to be the first in DC to offer Vertical Climbing in our interval classes. These challenging classes have two uniquely different formats and training effects.  

MRT is our signature class where the Water Rowers have the spotlight in delivering powerhouse cardio training. In this class you perform 2 exercises in one block and recover after 4 minutes of work.


Our MRT CLIMB Class is formatted differently. Vertical Climbers are the stars of this class. We’ve fine tuned the CLIMB class format so that you now perform 3 exercises per block and have an extended recovery after working for 8 minutes. Phew! The Vertical Climbers and extended work time add even more strength and endurance to your training.  

Both classes deliver super doses of strength plus cardiovascular training. When performing intervals like this, your oxygen consumption levels remain elevated 24-48 hours after class is over AKA the “Afterburn.” Afterburn heightens your overall caloric expense and maximizes your body's capacity for fat loss. Read more about Afterburn in our previous blog… MRT Fat Loss Results.

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