Partnership with Chef Jess

Chef Jess is a premier nutrition and healthy food focused catering service. Founded by Jessica Swift, a classically trained chef and registered dietitian with a MSc in Nutritional Sciences. Jess specializes in tricking your pallet by turning science into delicious gourmet meals that are healthy. Foods from Chef Jess are BOLD with flavor but help you maintain OPTIMAL health. 

“Jess' expertise in community nutrition lead her to working on practical, budget friendly nutrition implementation for government programs as well as a partnership with Kaiser Permanente to promote healthy low cost meal options for kids & adults. Chef Jess has also worked with the international brand Nutricia, incorporating their products to develop recipes for children with extreme dietary restrictions.
Chef Jess has been featured on numerous television, print and radio media outlets as an expert in her field. Most recently, Chef Jess has been featured in REDBOOK, Elle, & Essence Magazines for her take on healthy recipes, featured as an expert for the fitness mega company Beachbody, Sirius XM's Doctor Radio, NBC, Discovery Communications and seen demonstrating her dynamic culinary skills on the Food Network!!” 

We wanted to make creating amazingly delicious and healthy meals for the 21-Day Definitions Nutrition Challenge as easy as possible, so we partnered with Chef Jess to bring our recipes to life for you. The Nutrition Challenge is a program designed to give you the education, tools and support necessary to eat better, live healthier and get the result you want. You will take control of your diet and jumpstart your way to making sound nutrition decisions. With the resources provided in with the Nutrition Challenge and meals from Chef Jess, we believe we’ve got the winning recipe!