First Anniversary of MRT

One year ago we began MRT classes at Definitions. Earl and DeShay have taught nearly every type of class imaginable over the years, but MRT is something new. It’s backed by high levels of scientific research and evidence. MRT is the “Best Interval Class to Burn Fat”--we say is all the time, and it’s painted on our slam wall. Compared to aerobics or resistance training, MRT elevates caloric expense to a greater height. Read our blog on why MRT is great.

Over the past year we've received a tremendous amount of feedback in the form of surveys, focus groups and countless online reviews. This has driven incremental improvements to the MRT class, thus elevating Definitions as one of the top performing and rated gyms in DC. Definitions is true boutique gym, a family business -- that's owned and operated locally. We truly value the well-being and concerns of every individual training with us. The community of MRT’ers that has grown out of our classes is unparalleled anywhere else. Thank you for choosing Definitions!