4 Fitness Class Safety Tips for Best Results

We get it. There are a lot of fitness training options out there. So, we truly appreciate you choosing MRT Classes in your training plan. You want fitness results and it’s our job to be a good resource for you to get there…safely. Whether you make your fitness progress in MRT Classes, while on travel or elsewhere, here are 4 Fitness Class Safety Tips for Best Results.


Varied exercises and equipment can be daunting—Rowers and Dumbbells and Ropes, Oh My! But while in class you should never feel unsafe or like you’re in a scary-fictitious scene from the Wizard of Oz. We keep it real in MRT Class—real science, real results, real hands on instruction with realistic exercise selection and performance expectations. In MRT Class we use a lot of equipment and consider our equipment to be tools to better facilitate effective training. Even though different equipment adds variety and keeps your workouts interesting, remember they are training aids with a deliberate fitness function first and foremost. We are happy to walk you through every exercise as many times as you need. In any class, try to leave scary to the film industry and please, please, please ask for additional assistance or a modification if you’re ever uncertain of any exercise or equipment.


Perhaps you are pregnant or just getting back to the gym after a long time. We all have a special need, some motion that just plain doesn’t work for our body or we have a joint we are nursing. Just let us know anytime your physical situation changes. We are happy to modify or completely change an exercise to better work for you. "Is this exercise a good fit for me?" is a great question to continue to ask yourself and your instructor during any class.


This is another great question to ask yourself and your instructor wherever your workouts take you. In MRT, we guide you through every step from equipment set up, joint form and exercise execution. We start our classes with a demo of each exercise.  We place the demo exercises in the class warm up without weights so you can get acclimated to the movement before we get into the full workout. We again demo the exercise before you begin the full workout and while you are exercising. When in doubt, ask, ask, ask!


It’s great to have fun, work intensely and ask questions in class. Please also remember to keep your focus. It’s easy to get fatigued and haphazardly lower a weight…bump into your classmate…step awkwardly from a plyo box. The best way to stay accident free is to actively focus at all times on:

  • Where you are in the classroom
  • Where you are in relation to your classmates
  • Where you are positioned on the equipment
  • Prudently moving into and out of resistance training exercises
  • Carefully transitioning from one exercise to the next

We look forward to your training success and we love having you in MRT Classes. Click here to schedule your next MRT Class.

If you have any MRT Class questions or specific training concerns, you’re always welcome to contact us.

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