MRT Fat Loss Results… NOT JUST HYPE!

Metabolic resistance training is one of the best, most intense strategies for torching fat and increasing metabolism at the same time.  

MRT class, a.k.a. metabolic resistance training, is a fusion of high and low intensity bouts of cardiovascular and resistance training. MRT Class can involve intervals of supersets, circuits, speed, low rest and compound movements while using water rowers, kettle bells, sandbags and more. MRT will spike your metabolism and maximize your body's capacity for fat loss results. 

Research verifies MRT heightens your overall caloric expense significantly more  than performing traditional steady state aerobics or resistance training (Warren 1998).  If you’ve taken a class recently you know, MRT is a maximum-effort, torch fat, absolute huff-n-puff interval class. The breathlessness experienced from high intensity exercise creates an oxygen deficit.  After class is over  your body pays this oxygen deficit by continuing to burn calories and fat.  This sustained oxygen consumption after class is over is known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or its common name “Afterburn.”  During the Afterburn, your body continues to burn calories to restore muscle glycogen, re-oxygenate blood, restore circulatory hormones and more.  Whew!  That’s a lot and sounds wonky, but this is what has been proven to keep your metabolism elevated up to 48 hours after MRT class is over (Osterberg and Melby 2001). By doing MRT, you can dramatically increase the amount of calories you are burning through Afterburn and you get results faster. 

We say it and print it all the time…MRT is the Best Interval Class to Burn Fat.  You see it all over the walls of Definitions and our website.  And, it’s not just hype.  According to the Journal of Obesity, 12 weeks of HIIT, high intensity interval training, can result in significant reduction of trunk, abdominal, and visceral fat. Participants were randomly assigned to either an exercise or control group. The intervention group received high intensity interval training three times per week. Exercisers compared to controls experienced significant weight loss and a significant reduction in total fat after 12 weeks. Still not convinced that MRT is the Best Interval Class to Burn Fat? Well, studies such as those conducted by Laval University,  Baylor College of Medicine, and the  University of New South Wales have shown high-intensity interval sessions result in greater fat loss over time than longer, low-intensity sessions.

So, for more results, enroll in MRT class today and…Train Harder. Burn Smarter.