Earl and DeShay Williams

DeShay fell in love at an early age with the competitive, social, physical, and mental challenge of sports. She played basketball volleyball, softball and ran track in high school.  Her interest in physical fitness and wellness continued into college.  At the University of Virginia, DeShay earned her B.S. Education with an emphasis in Sports Management—a dual program combining Kinesiology and Business. After graduating, she managed corporate, non-profit and government fitness facilities for many years.  In 1993, DeShay’s passion for teaching and working hands on with people led her to personal training. DeShay’s combined educational and professional background provided the perfect foundation for operating Definitions Personal Training Studio alongside her husband, Earl—Definitions founder. DeShay holds certifications in Nutrition, Post-Rehabilitative Training, Pilates, Spin and is a 200-hour trained yoga instructor.  These varied training modalities give DeShay a strong reference base to best personalize training programs and classes to help each person get the results they desire. 

Why do you teach and why do you teach MRT classes? 

I teach because I love constantly learning—especially about how the body moves.  The way I master learning is by teaching.  My goal is to continue to learn all I can on how to move efficiently and to then empower others with that knowledge so they can help themselves get and stay in the best possible condition.  MRT is our signature high intensity interval training class. It’s the fastest and most effective way to transform your body and its’ metabolic state.  We designed MRT classes to be very similar to and the perfect complement to our personal training plans. MRT Class exercises are deliberately selected and scalable. So most people, regardless of their fitness or skill level, can successfully do MRT.

What’s your favorite MRT Class exercise?

Most of you know that I have a long list of favorite exercises. If pull-ups and cone shuffles are wrong, then I don’t want to be right!  In this case two wrongs do make a right. This combo is challenging and intense. After doing just 1 set of this, I can feel and see my body change.   Plus, I start having flash backs to my basketball days, my inner-athlete comes out and I love it!

How do you “DEFINE YOURSELF” in everyday life?

I live the same way I train.  Be and give informed, effective, all out effort…every day! Whether it’s my own workout, managing Definitions, my family or community…whatever it is…I love the challenge and I keep pushing! 

Earl grew up in Thomasville, Georgia—a small rural town in the southern part of the state and thirty minutes from Tallahassee, Florida.  It’s here Earl developed and matured into a talented track and basketball competitor. Earl completed his undergraduate work in accounting while playing basketball at Morris Brown College and earned his M.B.A. from Atlanta University. After working 10 years for IBM, Earl decided to exit the corporate world to pursue his passion for fitness. With a fresh start, Earl managed a boutique fitness studio in the heart of Georgetown, DC. Here he was able use his education and corporate experience to navigate this studio through a constantly changing fitness industry.  Earl moved on to open Definitions Personal Training Studio in 1994.  The basic concept of Definitions was and still is to provide a space and opportunity for independent trainers to work with their clients. For over 20 years, Earl continues to mentor and educate other fitness professionals. Recently, Earl developed Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)—Definitions signature high intensity interval training class--to complement his personal training services.  Each class deliberately designed and is scalable--MRT takes an advanced workout enthusiast to the next level and at the same time allows a novice to experience non-intimidating workout where technique and safety come first. Earl’s certification through NSCA, as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and continued training enable him to develop strategies for Personal Training clients and MRT classes that are second to none. 

Why do you teach and why do you teach MRT? 

I teach because one of my passions in life is to help others achieve their goals in fitness, health and life. Teaching MRT classes allow me to reach a broader group of fitness enthusiast. Moreover, teaching in this manner forces me to constantly work on improving my skills as a leader and a fitness professional.

What’s your favorite MRT Class exercise?

The kettle bell clean is my favorite movement.  This is a traditional olympic lift that I modified to use in my MRT classes. This exercise represents the essence of MRT classes--the fusion of resistance and cardiovascular training that can be tailored for beginners to the most fit class participants. 

How do you “DEFINE YOURSELF” in everyday life?

I approach every day as another chance to make myself a better person.  I am constantly striving to improve my relationships, professional skills and personal fitness.