Definitions 21-Day Nutrition Challenge

Up until now we’ve primarily focused on the exercise portion of the fat loss equation by offering you our researched supported — Best Interval Class to Burn Fat — MRT. Well, as you know nutrition is the other part of the fat loss equation. Let us help you eat healthfully in order to get the fitness results you want. Get a jump-start to working on the nutrition portion of the fat loss equation and enroll in our 21-Day Definitions Nutrition Challenge starting soon. We promise, it will change your outlook on nutrition – the biggest factor in weight loss – and it will set you up for fitness and health success….

With the 21-Day Definitions Nutrition Challenge you'll receive:

  • Nutrition Challenge Manual
    • 21 Delicious Recipes
    • 21-Day Nutrition Sample Meal Plan 
    • Grocery List to make shopping quick & simple
  • Private Online Support Group to ask questions, share ideas and get feedback
  • 21 Daily Tips and Motivational Messages delivered to your inbox to keep you on track