Trainer Highlight - Bryan, "The Muscle Mathematician"

Bryan or as I call him, “The Muscle Mathematician”, is originally from Ecuador. Bryan has a very vibrant character and is not shy to let those in his presence know exactly what he thinks. Though still retaining his latino accent- Bryan is as American as the Ford he drives and the brevity of his blunt comments. He’s a guy that beams with joy of his job, his life and his mode of operation. Let the questions paint the picture. 

What made you interested in becoming a personal trainer?

Well, I had already had an athletic background. I played professional soccer back in Ecuador. I think it was a nice transition from being an athlete lifting weights to teaching people- essentially to lift weights. I saw the opportunity to help teach people and thats why I became a personal trainer. Bryan began to attain his different certifications and learned a lot but also says … being a trainer is not just about getting your certifications. Being a trainer means learning everyday. It takes years to become knowledgable in the field. For an example its not just about getting a client to do three sets of intense repetitions. That quickly spoken and simple phrase could mean a lot. It depends on the intensity and the volume. What is the formula? What is the trainees goal?…. It makes all the difference in the world to be skilled in the art of finding the right formula to benefit and not harm that person. And that's why I call him "The Muscle Mathematician." 

How do you handle a client that lacks motivation?

Nobody makes you come, nobody is forcing you to be here. He continued, they come because they want to make some changes in their lives. So that, is where I come in… I am just here to guide you. You may not be willing to work out a certain day- which happens to everybody. If you don’t want to help yourself, how can I help you. But you must …. help me, help you.

How long have you been training at Definitions?

Since, 2001. Since 9/11 actually- so thirteen years. I am originally from Ecuador in South America that’s located in between Colombia and Peru on the Pacific Ocean- for the geographically challenged.  

What type of client do you enjoy training most often?

I train a lot of people. Bryan is very good at gloating, even thought much of which is warranted. I have trained many different clients from ages 15 all the way to 75. They all offer different challenges…. and I'm comfortable with anyone I get. If it’s someone trying to just getting started on a workout routine, athletes, normal housewives, average joes and even senior citizens. In other words, bring it!

In your training career, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud to be here. Also, when people tell me they are seeing changes. When people talk about me and say that I am a good trainer. In this profession we all think we are good. We all think nobody does the job like we do. And really it’s not about me thinking I'm good but people seeing if I’m good or not. Every trainer here thinks they are the best trainer, but it’s not up the them- it’s about the opinions of the clients that walk through the door and what they observe in a trainers’ techniques. However an eloquent response, I wanted a slightly more straightforward answer so I asked Bryan the question again. After a brief pause he said, it’s always good starting with someone with no athletic background or an individual without any physical aliments and being able to really demonstrate what you know. 

What do you like most about being a personal trainer?

Helping people. The clients’ progress is a reflection of the trainer. If my client doesn't make progress that tells a lot about me as a trainer. That’s why I always push my clients. Sometimes it may sound like I’m too hard on them. Indeed it does at times- but they adore him and still keep coming back. It's because he does sincerely care about what they achieve. That’s why I keep on pushing. My clients' progress is a reflection of me.

Bryan can be contacted by sending an email to Definitions' primary email address, and put "Personal Training with Bryan" in the subject line. 

I'd like to thank Bryan for his time and thank you for reading De•fine Your(self')s first official blog post. We will have new blog post every Friday, each covering one of the eight categories we've mentioned before. Please check back to learn more about Definitions, the best personal trainers in D.C. and greater ways to better Define Yourself!

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