Trainer Highlight - Margo, "Personal Trainer for the Wonkiest Washingtonians"

Margo, Margo, Margo. Without saying a word, she can brighten the darkest room. With effortless finesse, her compelling spirit will persuade you to be your best. Personable, is probably Margo’s middle name. In a city overflowing with wonky political types she can run with the wonkiest. She’s been dubbed the personal trainer for the power brokers of DC. Margo is a very studious trainer always learning new methods and staying current with the latest certifications. By empowering herself with that knowledge— each client is navigated on a path toward consistent health, using exercise and nutrition as the longitude and latitude of the journey. 

What inspired you to become a personal trainer? 

I was working as a massage therapist for a doctor of physical therapy and realized movement was the most transformative healing— ever. Also, it’s a whole lot of fun to teach people how to move using the right muscles.

How long have you been training at Definitions?

June will be my 15th anniversary. 

What is the biggest challenge a client has needed you to help them overcome?

The path to overcome food addiction. [Open image] Here is an interesting infographic that aims to help people better understand food addiction, including symptoms, statistics and treatment options.  

What is your favorite workout or form of exercise and why?

Well, I personally love playing tennis and golf. I think doing resistance training is what keeps me fit and able to play those sports. Everyone should incorporate resistance training into their life, I guarantee you’ll feel better! Definitions will begin new group training classes in January, appropriately named Definitions MRT (metabolic resistance training). LEARN MORE 

What is your fitness pet-peeve?

Lazy trainers

How do you feel about the use of technology during the course of a training session?

I love heart rate monitors, but not everybody needs one. Our last blog post focused on the latest wearable technology. READ IT

What’s your favorite….

color? ---- Blue

music genre? ---- Dance music from any decade. Spotify Playlist Decades Dance Party

DC restaurant? ---- LaPiquette

season? ---- Summer

Starbucks drink? ---- Dark Roast Coffee

TV show? ---- Orange is the New Black and CBS Sunday Morning Show


Interested in training with Margo? The best way to contact her is via email at

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